Mandarin-speaking staff available for British Airways customers

7th Dec 2017

Five customer service representatives will soon be available at British Airways’ Heathrow T5 base for the benefit of Chinese passengers who don’t speak English.

Working in shifts, the team will be on hand when a flight is due for departure to or arrival from China.

“For those who do not have English as their first language, the airport can be a daunting place,” says Richard Tams, the company’s executive vice president for Greater China.

This initiative will provide an extra level of comfort and service for passengers who need help and will improve their experience of checking in, getting their boarding passes and passing through security.

There will also be announcements in Mandarin at the gates for China-bound flights. The representatives are there to “ease customers’ concerns and help make their journey through the airport as smooth as possible,” and to offer advice and support in Mandarin at every stage of their journey. BA has recently ramped up its efforts to make its Chinese customer base more comfortable on its fleet, too.

The new team at Heathrow is an addition to BA’s 46 Mandarin-speaking cabin staff, as well as tailored menus and amenities on flights to China.

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