McDonald’s reveal profit boost following increase in customer service options

26th Oct 2017

Fast food giant McDonald’s has reported better-than-expected sales results in the third quarter of this year, thanks to a number of new service options for customers. 

Menu changes and home delivery, providing customers with the option to have the restaurant’s goods sent straight to them, are two improvements the business has made in recent months. 

Responding to the wants of consumers, its US business now offers hot beverages for $2 in a bid to attract customers from Starbucks.

Menu changes have seen the addition of healthier options, as market tastes begin to move away from processed food. 

There has also been a focus on modernising restaurants and this, combined with a delivery partnership with app UberEats, has had a positive impact on customer experience, whether dining in or ordering from home.

Chief executive Steve Easterbrook said: “We've made progress in many areas of our business already, including optimising our restaurant ownership mix and running better restaurants. 

“At the same time, we also are making strides with initiatives such as delivery, mobile order and pay, as well as the Experience of the Future transformation of our restaurants that will make the experience more convenient, personalized and enjoyable for our customers.” 

The provision of these new options for customers has also revealed a boost in satisfaction. In the July 2017 UK Customer Satisfaction Index, McDonald’s improved on its 2016 score by 2.3 points, receiving an overall score of 79.1 points.

Results in the US showed sales leaping 4.1%, while global sales increased by 6% thanks to healthy performance in the UK, Canada and Asia. Net profit for the business rose nearly 48% to total $1.9bn when compared with last year’s third quarter figures.

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