Metro Bank CIO: digital is key to meeting customer expectations

6th Nov 2017

Martyn Atkinson, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Metro Bank, aims to improve the organisation’s customer offering with its digital strategy.

Speaking to CIO UK, Atkinson said: “I want to bring in new technology and new ways of working that help shape the business’s thinking, so I see it as a two-way street. The business has got its part, but I think the technology and roadmap will have equal weighting.

“One of the projects we are working on is the ability to reduce the amount of time customers spend in our stores. Whether it is the opening of an account or a transaction by a current account holder, how do we ensure that there’s no wait, so it can be done within 15 minutes?”

The bank is currently putting £70m into new products and services for customers, and increased digital demand is dictating its strategy.

“Customers want 24/7 digital services, and the challenge has always been trying to deliver the right quality of services as quickly as the customers demand them,” Atkinson explained.

New technology is also facilitating increased dialogue with customers, says Atkinson: “We have seen a lot of feedback, through our social media and in stores, saying that they are actually keen for us to expand and build out on our stores.

“It is making sure that, whatever channel we offer our services through, there is a level of consistency and performance.”

In the July 2017 UK Customer Satisfaction Index, produced by The Institute of Customer Service, an increasing use of digital technology was noted.

While telephone is the most widely employed channel when making a complaint, used by 36.6% of complainants, the proportion of customer interactions via an app has increased from 2.9% in July 2016 to 5.1%, the highest of any sector. 

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