Monarch to offer upgrades to ‘nice’ customers

20th Mar 2017

Staff for low-cost airline Monarch will be able to offer polite customers upgrades, the company has announced.

Subject to availability, Monarch customer services staff are allowed to give away a certain amount of the free upgrades such as extra leg room seats and priority check-in every week.

The move follows a recent psychological study conducted by Professor Jonathan Freeman at Goldsmiths University’s i2 Media Research Lab. It found that Monarch employees scored higher than the general sample of members of the public on psychological constructs associated with being nice, such as emotional intelligence – often described as the ability to read other people’s emotions and react in an appropriate way.

Nils Christy, Chief Operating Officer at Monarch, says: “We are often described as the nicer airline and holiday company and we pride ourselves on this.  Our customer services staff are already nice – now they can reward those who are positively nice to them too.”

Christy continues: “Everyone benefits from niceness. Planes depart more punctually, staff and customers are happier and it improves the travelling experience for everyone.”

This philosophy reflects results from a recent survey from The Institute of Customer Service which found that 69% of consumers are prepared to spend more if they, and the people around them, are in a good mood – meaning businesses could capitalise on renewed consumer optimism.

Jo Causon, chief executive of The Institute, says: “Over the last year we have continued to see compelling evidence of the link between superior customer satisfaction and high levels of trust, loyalty, recommendation and repurchase. This survey sends another message to the boardroom: consumers are willing to pay a premium for a genuine and authentic experience, where organisations are really engaged and keen to meet their needs.”

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