New power cut phone line makes life simpler for customers

12th Sep 2016

Customers nationwide can now dial ‘105’ to report power cuts and seek expert advice, no matter who their energy supplier is. 

The free-to-dial number was created by the energy sector to make it easier for people to reach the organisation responsible for fixing power cuts in their local area. It comes after research by the Energy Networks Association (ENA) showed almost three quarters of people didn’t know who to call in the event of a power cut.

Earlier this summer, the Institute of Customer Service released its latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index, which revealed that, on average, customers had to expend more effort in dealing with organisations than they did a year ago. In the utility sector, 48% of people said that it had taken them more than two attempts to get a problem resolved. 

David Smith, chief executive of ENA, believes the new national phone line will go part of the way to relieving this effort, generating a more efficient response in the event of future disruption. 

“Significant network investment means power cuts are not a regular or widespread occurrence for people, however, our research makes it clear that there’s still a need to provide a simple, memorable number they can call should they experience one,” he says. “This new, free number will make life easier for electricity customers.”

During the storms that hit the UK in the winter of 2013, electricity supplies to 750,000 homes were disrupted and, in December 2013 alone, 800,000 calls were made about the problems. 

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