Offering a quiet hour for families of children with autism

2nd Nov 2016

For many of us, bright lights and festive music form an essential part of the Christmas shopping experience, but they can prove overwhelming for children with autism. With this in mind, Toys “R” Us is to hold additional Christmas shopping hours specifically for families affected by autism and special needs. 

The toy retailer hopes to provide a positive experience for autistic children, who may struggle under normal conditions in store. The event, running in all stores across the UK, will take place on the morning of Sunday 6 November, with the stores all opening one hour prior to official store opening times.

Lights will be slightly dimmed and fluorescent lighting will be reduced where possible, while music and tannoy announcements will be switched off and a quiet zone will be available if needed.

Toys “R” Us has been working with autism groups across the country to understand the needs of children with autism and create the ideal environment. The National Autistic Society has welcomed the retailer’s decision to hold an autism-friendly shopping event.

In its efforts to makes its stores an enjoyable experience for all, Toys “R” Us is already on its way to meeting the needs of tomorrow’s customer as defined in The Institute of Customer Service's The Customer of the Future report. The report expects organisations to offer customers an ever-growing choice of solutions and services that are easy to understand, access and use.

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