Poor hygiene causing restaurants to lose out on business

17th Aug 2018

Poor dining experiences are causing restaurants to lose business, according to a survey commissioned by P&G Professional, a division of Procter & Gamble.

The poll of 2,000 diners found that almost a quarter (23%) had left a restaurant without even finishing their meal.

Hygiene and cleanliness are vital given that 90% of those surveyed believe that good hygiene standards indicate a reputable restaurant.  

Indeed, 85% indicated that cleanliness was just as important as taste and the quality of ingredients used in food. 

Twenty-nine percent of those surveyed also said that they had posted a negative review online critiquing cleanliness issues, while almost two thirds said just one unclean area in an establishment was enough to make them suspicious of the overall hygiene standards. 

Greg Elmore, spokesman for P&G Professional, said: “There are few things which put us off our food faster than dirt, stains and bad smells in a place where we are trying to eat. 

“A professional level of hygiene and cleanliness should be at the forefront of the minds of every restaurant owner and member of restaurant staff in the country though, based on these results, we feel this is unlikely to be the case.” 

Word of mouth is also an important, factor, given that 56% decide where they want to eat based on recommendations from friends and family. 

Jasmine Birtles, economics expert and business commentator, said: “Businesses have to work harder to prove they deserve guests” money than ever before.

“But it’s not always what's on the menu that sways us. Cleanliness and hygiene can make all the difference. 

“Ensuring every area of an establishment, especially the washroom, is spotless helps build customer confidence and establish relationships meaning that guests are more likely to return. 

“Investment in cleaning is an investment in business growth.” 

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