Royal Mail customer complaints remain an issue

24th Aug 2018

According to a new study, Royal Mail is struggling to reduce the number of customer complaints after its first three years of full privatisation.

Analysis of Royal Mail data by UK online marketplace shows that the service is providing mixed results when it comes to customer service. 

In the financial year of 2017/18, Royal Mail received a total of 1,022,212 complaints in 11 complaint categories considered within the research.  

Lost post was found to be the number one complaint for customers, with over 250,000 such complaints lodged in the period, although this figure does represent a 5% decrease compared to 2016/17. Compensation was paid out in 73% of these cases, with fees totalling £4,272,693. 

While ‘general’ complaints declined by 24%, this category only accounted for a small number of customers, 18,723 to be exact.  

Contrast this with problems regarding ‘denial of receipt’, which accounted for 134,712 of complaints (the third largest category) and an increase of 51% on last year, and it becomes clear that customers remain dissatisfied with elements of Royal Mail’s customer service handling. 

In the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index, published by The Institute of Customer Service last month, Royal Mail scored 77.2 out of 100, a slight decrease of 0.5 from its July 2017 score. 

Cas Paton, Managing Director of commented: “The boom in online shopping over the last decade has increased the dependence of businesses and consumers on postal service and courier companies. With that has come a developed expectation for them to provide a reliable and speedy delivery network. This though, is not always the case.”

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