Ryanair announce further flight cancellations

29th Sep 2017

Ryanair is cancelling another 18,000 flights and offering compensation to customers, the airline has announced.

The fresh wave of cancellations will affect around 400,000 passengers up until March.

The airline previously cancelled 2,100 flights in September and October, after it revealed it had “messed up” holiday allowance for pilots.

Reacting to news, Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, commented: “Ryanair’s latest announcement will be hugely disappointing to so many customers who believed their travel plans were in safe hands. Once this initial disappointment is over, however, the customer will be eagerly waiting to see how the organisation responds. Whilst Ryanair is under no obligation to offer anything other than a full refund, further compensation, if genuinely delivered, is a wise move in acknowledging that a mistake has been made.

“It is undeniable that, whatever its nature, any organisation can make a mistake – the significance is in how they respond. In terms of the customer, it is crucial to focus on rebuilding trust, loyalty and recommendation. Ryanair has demonstrated openness, given notice and, above all, been apologetic. These are key lessons which any organisation can learn from.

“Over the past five years, Ryanair has consistently increased its ranking in our UK Customer Satisfaction Index, but it still sits below the all-sector average. In a highly competitive sector, with ample other choices, it will remain to be seen whether recent issues put a halt to this upward trend.”

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