Ryanair doubles the price of its cheapest seat reservations

26th Mar 2018

Ryanair passengers who want to reserve a seat will now pay more for the privilege. The price increases apply to all seats that can be reserved, with the cheapest seeing a £2 increase.

Seats with extra legroom have risen from £11 to £15, and mid-range seats can be reserved for £13.01, up from £7.

The airline’s passengers have previously complained that Ryanair splits parties up, meaning they feel obliged to buy a seat reservation in order to sit together.

Since October 2016, the airline requires at least one adult in a group that has children under the age of 12 to pay for a seat reservation. This costs £4, with passengers then being able to reserve a nearby seat for the child.

In the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), Ryanair’s average score is 68.5, which is below the UK’s all-sector average of 78.1. The transport sector’s average is also below the all-sector average, at 73.1.

The highest-scoring airline in the transport sector is Jet2, with a score of 82.6. Thomson Airways (80), Monarch Airlines (79.6) and easyJet (79.3) follow, all scoring higher than the all-sector average.

Some passengers have criticised Ryanair’s seat pricing, but a Ryanair spokesperson said that the prices are optional.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute, says: “Over the past five years, Ryanair has consistently increased its ranking in our UK Customer Satisfaction Index, but it still sits below the all-sector average. In a highly competitive sector, with ample other choices, it will remain to be seen whether recent issues put a halt to this upward trend.”

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