Škoda UK takes pole position in latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index

2nd May 2018

Car manufacturer Škoda UK tops the automotive sector in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) with a score of 82.7. This is higher than both the sector average (79.5) and the UK all-sector average (78.1).

Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Suzuki were the next highest scoring car companies, with scores of 82.6, 82.2 and 81.5, respectively.

Automotive is the sixth highest-scoring sector (out of 13) for customer satisfaction, with a UKCSI score of 79.5 (out of 100). The sector’s UKCSI score increased by 0.7 points between January 2017 and January 2018, compared to an increase of 0.3 points in the overall UKCSI.

The sector scores 1.4 points higher than the UK all-sector score of 78.1, indicating a relatively strong average level of service compared to what customers experience elsewhere in the economy. The average Net Promoter Score has increased by 2 points to 17.1. Satisfaction with email experiences has increased by 1.8 points.

According to the UKCSI, 34.2% of customers seek excellent service and are prepared to pay a premium price in order to get it, the highest proportion of any sector.

Around 58.7% of customers favour a balance of price and service when buying from the Automotive sector and are not prepared to compromise service levels in pursuit of the cheapest deal. This suggests that there are significant opportunities for organisations that consistently deliver higher standards of service than their competitors.

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