Teddy reunited with girl after 200-mile journey

5th Dec 2017

Losing a beloved toy can be a nightmare for travelling parents and heartbreaking for young children. That’s exactly what happened when four-year-old Summer forgot to put her bear, called Teddy, back in her bag after going through security at Edinburgh airport. Thankfully, Teddy was found and Loganair cabin crewmember Kirsty Walter sent him to Kirkwall to be reunited with Summer.

But it wasn’t just a simple case of popping Teddy in the luggage compartment. He had his own seat and was treated to a tour of the flight deck. The crew on the flight snapped some photos of Teddy’s special journey to show Summer, with one of them showing him strapped into his seat wearing pilot’s epaulettes.

Kay Ryan, Loganair’s commercial director, says how delighted Summer was when she was reunited with Teddy. “It was wonderful to see him back in Summer’s company, and we’re pleased to have played a role.”

Customer service on this level will help Loganair build trust and see customers returning to use their services. The 2017 UK Customer Service Index reports that the transport sector has an average rating of 7.2 for caring about its customers, with an average of 74.5 overall. This is just below the all sector average, which stands at 78.2. 

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