Telecommunications and Media sector faces customer satisfaction challenges

15th Nov 2017

Customer satisfaction in the Telecommunications & Media sector has improved but it remains the lowest-scoring sector. 

The Institute of Customer Service found the sector received a UK Customer Satisfaction Index score of 74.0 in the latest index, released in July.

This is 1.1 points higher than a year previously but still falls 4.2 points below the UK average.

The rise in customer satisfaction is reflected in small improvements across most measures, most noticeably for helpfulness and competence of staff over the phone, staff understanding problems, and doing what they said they would when problems occurred.

And while it is the most improved sector for “right first time” experiences, it performs poorer than others in measures relating to effort required by customers and for addressing complaints.

The sector’s weakest performance measures relate to openness and transparency and to addressing customers’ complaints, especially speed of resolving complaints and handling of them. The sector’s Net Promoter Score, -2.4, is also significantly lower than the UK average, 17.0.

The telephone is the most frequently used channel for interacting with organisations, used by43.1%. Customer satisfaction for interactions “over the phone”, 71.2, is better than last year, up 0.9 points. 

The proportion of customer interactions by website rose by 2.1 percentage points to 25.1%. Satisfaction with the “website” channel, 77.5, is 0.8 points higher than last year.

Tesco Mobile received a satisfaction score of 83.2, topping the sector rankings – the company is up by a point compared with last year’s results.

BT was the lowest ranked organisation, scoring 7.8 points, however this indicated an improvement of 1.9 points since last year.

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