Theatregoers appalled over ticket reallocation

13th Oct 2017

Ticket holders for new West End musical Hamilton have been left frustrated after it was announced that performances would be delayed.

The show was due to begin previews on 21 November at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London. However, refurbishment works have overrun, pushing the first performance back to 6 December.

Around 16,000 customers were affected and a number have complained they were left in the dark for more than 10 days before learning if they had been granted a seat for their requested reallocation date.

Speaking to The Stage, Paul Sutton, an affected ticket holder, said that while he was sympathetic to the situation he was disappointed by customer service.

"I was baffled as to why it had affected me because our performance is happening,” said Sutton, who is artistic director of creative education company C&T. 

“Why on earth am I being shunted out and as the ticket booker regarded as second rate?"

"This is a massive customer service problem. It's totally arbitrary, the dates they allocate you. I live in Worcester, not London, so it's not that easy [to attend the show]."

A representative for the show revealed that while 8% of patrons had been reallocated tickets on the dates they had requested, the remaining patrons had been offered tickets for an alternative performance as close to the beginning of the run as possible. 

They added that if this was not suitable, producers would enable them to book online and select a later performance of their choice.

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