Thomson rebrands as TUI and announces new customer service approach

23rd Oct 2017

Travel company Thomson has rebranded as TUI, and has used the changeover as an opportunity to offer customers a more personalised approach.

“After taking more than 100 million customers on holiday over the last six decades as Thomson, we understand that one size no longer fits all when it comes to travel,” explained TUI UK Managing Director Nick Longman. “People are looking beyond the traditional package holiday; they want a holiday that is handpicked just for them, and the next evolution in mass market travel is personalisation and customisation.”

To achieve this level of personalisation, TUI is launching a new service called Destination U which it describes as an “innovative way for holidaymakers to choose a trip that matches their emotional needs”. It is based on software that uses sophisticated facial coding and emotion measurement technology to trigger imaginations and tap into the subconscious. A unique algorithm then computes every facial response to a rapid series of evocative moving images of destinations and experiences, and uses that data to calculate a “perfect holiday prescription”.

Longman continued: “This prototype takes customer understanding to a new level, tapping right into the psyche to help our customers discover their perfect, personalised holiday experience. It enables holidaymakers to intuitively unlock different travel possibilities and think about options they may not have considered before.

“As TUI, we will offer more customer choice than ever. We want to shape the future of travel using innovations like this, and our considerable expertise and knowledge, to design perfectly personalised experiences and a new way to holiday.”

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