Thousands of debit card holders charged twice

12th Sep 2018

Thousands of debit card holders who made payments on Cardnet terminals on 29 August may have been charged twice, due to a technical glitch.

The issue meant that many customers banking with different organisations who paid on Cardnet machines, a payment system run by Lloyds Bank and card processor First Data, were charged twice for transactions that only showed up once on receipts.  

A number of customers took to Twitter to complain about being charged twice. 

Lloyds Banking Group said that just under 5% of Cardnet machine transactions were affected, and that refunds had been issued to all customers. 

However, customers are still being advised to check statements and get in touch with their bank if there is a problem. 

Cardnet, which handles more than 1.2 billion transactions every year, said: “In some cases, this will have been an overpayment of expected settled funds, in others an underpayment. 

“In addition, and importantly, cardholders of Cardnet’s impacted merchants may also have been debited twice for transactions made on Wednesday.” 

The company added: “Cardnet sincerely apologises for the issue and the inconvenience caused, we continue to work closely with all parties to resolve this issue swiftly.” 

Visa experienced a similar problem on 1 June, which left UK and European cardholders unable to make purchases after a hardware failure.

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