Toys R Us to trial staff tablets

16th May 2017

Toy retailer Toys R Us has announced plans to equip staff with tablets to allow them to offer improved customer service.

Speaking at the 2017 Retail Business Technology Expo, Frank Muzika, UK lead executive at Toys R Us, revealed that the retailer has rolled out two iPads in each of its stores across the UK to give store advisors easy access to product information.

“We have to make the store experience altogether more powerful in every way, and one way to do that is to engage with the customer with advanced technology,” he explained.

He added that the business are working to improve their understanding of customers through data, and that this implementation would support this.

 “We need to capture more customer data and the use of iPads and loyalty sign-ups is helping to fuel the explosive growth we’ve seen in this area,” he said.

And while the company is clearly putting more focus on technology, he added that with more and more retail business happening online, organisations with physical stores must do more to encourage customers to visit them.

“In a world where it takes a lot to get the customer off his sofa, we must make the store a wonderful place,” he said.

This balance of positive in-store experiences and improved efficiency reflects recommendations made to organisations in the Customer of the Future report from The Institute of Customer Service.

It suggests businesses should be able to move seamlessly between fast and efficient service and proactive, emphatic help and advice.

“The future promises vast, exciting opportunities for new products and ways of delivering service. But in a climate of expanding choice, customers will also want integrated services and simple, straightforward experiences,” says Jo Causon, chief executive of the Institute. 

“Organisations will need to excel both in delivering fast, efficient, convenient experiences and in creating trusted relationships with an emotional connection, empathy and advice. A key challenge will be the capacity to address both sets of needs and to move seamlessly between them.”

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