Two key words for 2018

18th Jan 2018

Research undertaken by The Institute of Customer Service shows that there is a clear link between employee engagement, customer experience and a company’s performance. High levels of engagement result in a higher level of productivity.

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute, says that motivating staff is important to achieving this fine balance. “I believe motivating staff comes down to having and articulating a clear sense of purpose, and delivering on this purpose,” she says. Causon believes winning the hearts and minds of staff encourages them to go the extra mile.

She continues: “If a member of staff feels connected to the organisation through a sense of purpose and a clear knowledge of the part they have to play within that, then their engagement will go much deeper.”

This deeper level of engagement will ultimately result in better productivity for a business.

Causon believes that it’s crucial for a company to realise that making a profit is not its purpose – it is its outcome. “A company’s purpose is usually to deliver a service or product to customers in some way that makes their lives better or easier in however small or large a way,” she says.

A sense of purpose must also come with personalisation of service. “No company can be all things to all people,” Causon says, “so it’s vital to be really clear about who the core customer base is and how the organisation’s purpose relates to them.”

Customer satisfaction must be measured to make sure this is working. The Institute says that measuring customer satisfaction is the “external yardstick of how well a business is faring” and high satisfaction levels can be a good way to motivate staff.  

To read Jo Causon’s full blog, click here.

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