UK consumers yet to embrace online-only customer service

16th Nov 2017

The acceptance of customer service chatbots, and online-only customer service generally, in the UK is low – despite their increased use. 

Only 28% of British consumers will interact with customer service chatbots, according to Kantar TNS’ Connected Life research. This feeling isn’t isolated to the UK. In Australia, 22% of consumers said they were happy to interact with customer service AI.   

34% of British consumers said they weren’t ready to embrace online-only customer service. Instead, companies should offer offline customer service as an option.  

Technology itself is an issue too. Concerns around data security and privacy are just two reasons why 54% of consumers completely object to their activities being monitored by connected devices.

In a blog post earlier this year, Jo Causon, chief executive of The Institute of Customer Service, suggested businesses will need to do more if technology is to truly enhance the customer experience.

She said: “The future has to be about achieving a blended solution, where technology and people work side by side to enhance the customer experience. 

“The right use of technology means that organisations can free up their people, away from low-level transactional customer services, and enable them to focus more on value-added customer service – helping customers resolve the more complex issues.”

The Connected Life research assessed consumers’ trust in brands in four areas: trust in technology; trust in content; trust in data; and trust in ecommerce. 70,000 people worldwide were surveyed by Kantar TNS, including 3,000 people based in the UK.

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