UK customers spending a day a year complaining

19th Nov 2018

UK consumers are spending 24 hours while at work complaining about poor customer service each year.

That’s according to new research from The Institute of Customer Service, which has found that billions of pounds are being lost in productivity each year.

Supplier issues are estimated to cost the UK £4.7 billion every month, while customer issues are thought to cost £5.5 billion.

"We hear a lot about productivity in a manufacturing sense, but in the service sector it is also a hard-nosed economic reality," said Jo Causon Chief Executive of The Institute.

Research shows that just 15% of employees have been involved in training initiatives aimed at improving productivity, and over a third of customers (34%) believe productivity has declined in the last three years.

And almost two thirds of managers (63%) said that customer satisfaction and productivity sometimes conflict.

Transport, banking and tax problems were found to be the biggest problem areas for consumers.

The report found that respondents believed a government focus on the quality of education and training would give the biggest boost to the UK’s productivity.

The Institute also offered a key takeout advising that “service productivity needs to be measured not just in narrow transactional terms, but in the context of an organisation’s effectiveness in meeting its overall goals of customer experience, profitability, growth or social purpose”.

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