Virgin Media breach leaves customer details exposed

12th Mar 2020

Television, telephone and internet services provider Virgin Media has announced a breach that left the data of 900,000 people – approximately 15% of its customer base – unsecured and accessible online.

The breach occurred after one of its marketing databases was incorrectly configured, allowing unauthorised access to customers’ details, including names, home and email addresses and phone numbers.

After the firm became aware of the breach, access to the database was immediately shut down. However, it has been reported that the database has been unsecured since April 2019.

Virgin Media has assured customers that no passwords or financial details have been accessed, although it confirmed the database was accessed “on at least one occasion”.

“Protecting our customers’ data is a top priority and we sincerely apologise,” Virgin Media said, adding: “We are now contacting those affected to inform them of what happened.”

The statement continued to advise customers to “remain cautious” before clicking on an unknown link or giving any details to an unverified or unknown party.

The company has also said that online security advice and help on a range of topics is available on its website.

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