Waitrose has launched a new rapid delivery service

15th Oct 2018

Waitrose unveiled a rapid delivery pilot scheme last month that allows customers to order meals for delivery two hours in advance.

The £5 service has launched in parts of south and west London, with the potential to extend the scheme if it proves a success. 

The Waitrose Rapid Delivery scheme appears to be aimed at those who shop in the ‘ultra-convenience market’, predominantly time-poor younger people. Research commissioned by the supermarket found that 14-24-year-olds are twice as likely to visit a supermarket more than once a day compared to the over-55s.  

Customers can choose up to 20 items from over 1,500 Waitrose products, and the delivery will arrive within a one-hour pre-agreed time slot, or within a two-hour express delivery window from the moment the order is placed. 

The supermarket said that the service was launched in response to customer demand for more ‘little and often’ shops. 

Head of Business Development Richard Ambler said: “For many, we have moved away from the weekly supermarket visit to give us more fluidity with our busy lives and give us better control against over-buying and waste. 

“Our trips to the supermarket are therefore much more frequent – Waitrose Rapid Delivery ensures we give our customers even greater flexibility and convenience to get their shopping as and when they want it.” 

A number of supermarkets are attempting to keep pace with Amazon’s Prime Now one-hour food service, with both Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s also running one-hour food delivery services.

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