Why a positive perspective could pay off in 2017

4th Jan 2017

After a turbulent 2016, many organisations could be forgiven for approaching 2017 with trepidation, but a ‘positive perspective’ could pay dividends for businesses across the UK.

That’s the main conclusion from a recent poll conducted by The Institute of Customer Service. The poll found that, after 12 months of turbulence in the stock market and across the political and business world, nearly three quarters (73%) of the British public expect 2017 to be a more positive year than 2016. 

The poll also found that 69% of consumers are prepared to spend more if they, and the people around them, are in a good mood – meaning businesses could capitalise on renewed consumer optimism.

The survey identified a handful of simple steps companies can take to try to capitalise on this optimism. Respondents to The Institute’s poll said they would increase their spend with a company by at least 30% due to ‘friendly conversation’.

Other factors that consumers said would encourage them to buy more included:

The findings suggest that, although the events of 2016 mean we’ve entered the new year in a very uncertain environment, businesses that approach 2017 with a clear focus on the customer, helping employees to understand how to meet customers’ needs, could reap the rewards in increased revenue.

“Over the last year we have continued to see compelling evidence of the link between superior customer satisfaction and high levels of trust, loyalty, recommendation and repurchase,” says Jo Causon, chief executive of The Institute. “This latest survey sends another message to the boardroom: consumers are willing to pay a premium for a genuine and authentic experience, where organisations are really engaged and keen to meet their needs.”

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