Your local restaurant tops leisure sector in latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index

19th Apr 2018

With an average score of 87.8, ‘your local restaurant/takeaway’ is the highest-performing leisure organisation in the latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI). The score is higher than the UK all-sector average (78.1) and the leisure sector average (80.0).

Bakery chain Greggs was the second highest scorer with 84, and streaming service Netflix scored 82.8.

There was fierce competition between pizza chains, with Pizza Hut, Pizza Express and Domino’s Pizza all scoring 80.2, 80.1 and 80, respectively.

Leisure is the fourth highest-scoring sector (out of 13) for customer satisfaction. The sector’s average score increased by 0.4 points between January 2017 and January 2018. This compares to the 0.3 point increase in the UKCSI all-sector average (to 78.1). The average Net Promoter score is 25.2, compared to the UK average, 15.3. Satisfaction with telephone experiences improved by more than 1 point on January 2017.

There are contrasts in the changes to UKCSI scores for organisations. Five organisations in the sector have improved their UKCSI score by more than two points between January 2017 and January 2018. Just one organisation, Odeon, has registered a drop of more than two points. Spotfiy and Frankie and Benny’s have appeared in the UKCSI tor the first time.

Satisfaction with complaints handling and with the final outcome of complaints in Leisure (each at 6.2 out of 10) have improved slightly compared to January 2017 and are above the all-sector average scores.

Around 2.4% of customers who contacted a Leisure organisation about a problem used social media, compared to the all-sector average of 1.7%.

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