EEF Venues celebrate National Customer Service Week

16th Nov 2016

EEF Venues’ team at Woodland Grange conference venue in Leamington Spa threw themselves wholeheartedly into The Institute of Customer Service National Customer Service Week from 3 to 7 October.

Each day had a different theme set by The Institute of Customer Service, ranging from understanding complaints to customer service strategy and collaboration. The Woodland Grange team brought the themes to life through a series of creative initiatives to demonstrate to customers how important customer service is to the business.

For example, to illustrate the theme of ‘collaboration’ several team members swapped jobs for a day to strengthen customer focus and colleague appreciation across the business. They also held a bake-off, aimed at celebrating hidden skills and creativity within the business, and they introduced a ‘roving tuck shop’ to encourage customers to give feedback and share their thoughts and experience.

Debbie Beecham, operations manager at Woodland Grange, said: “We had great fun but the thinking behind every initiative was to see how we can improve our customer service strategy. It was also a perfect opportunity to show our appreciation of our customers through the many interactive initiatives we had planned over the week.

“The business landscape is changing and undoubtedly, there will be challenges ahead, so it is vital that we continue to shine as a customer-focused business.

“It isn’t enough to hold industry-recognised bench-marks such as AIM gold and BDRC Gold; what is important is that as our customers’ needs, behaviours and preferences change, we are ready to anticipate and respond accordingly."

In a recent BDRC Brand Report, Woodland Grange received top ranking scores in ten of the twelve steps of the customer journey, ranging from pre-event customer enquiries to  friendliness and helpfulness,  the quality of the food & beverages and WiFi speed and connectivity.

Debbie Beecham said: ”The customer journey is everything so it is vital that every member of the team is tuned into their needs and expectations. Getting that right has a direct impact on our reputation and our business performance. Day-in, day-out we work tirelessly to go that extra mile but what National Customer Service Week gives us is an opportunity to let our customers know how important they are to our business and how much we appreciate their loyalty.”

Woodland Grange at Leamington Spa          Leamington Spa

Pictured: Operations Manager, Debbie Beecham & Conference and Events Co-ordinator, Megan Towers, and the venue, Woodland Grange in Leamington Spa

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