Monitoring the Codes of Practice for Assessors and Trainers

25th May 2018

It has been one year since The Institute launched Codes of Practice, designed to strengthen the approval and quality requirements for Institute approved Assessors and Trainers.

We consulted with our members prior to launching The Codes a year ago. Then, six months later, a ‘How are you getting on with The Codes?’ survey was sent to all assessors and trainers, to gather feedback on how they were finding The Codes after they had come into effect.

It is now time for The Institute to begin monitoring adherence to The Codes, so, in June 2018 a sample of assessors and trainers will be emailed and asked to complete a mandatory compliance exercise. The results will be analysed and where non-compliance is identified, The Institute will support these individuals towards compliance. 

If you have any questions about the monitoring exercise, please email S&[email protected] or call 0207 260 2640.

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