RIFT Group scores double first with Institute of Customer Service ServiceMark Accreditation

1st May 2016

ServiceMark by the Institute of Customer ServiceThe Kent based Financial Services group, known for its friendly, helpful and jargon free approach to tax matters is the first company based in Ashford, and the first company in the tax sector, to be awarded ServiceMark by the Institute of Customer Service. 

On receiving the award, Jan Post, managing director, said: “It is an honour to have been awarded ServiceMark and a wonderful recognition of our great team. We’re especially proud of this accreditation as our focus on customer service isn’t just a guiding principle to us, but something we are formally committed to on an ongoing basis.

Customer Service is fundamental to us and it’s fantastic to have achieved these results that demonstrate both our customer and staff satisfaction and our commitment to ensuring we provide our customers with a higher and ever improving level of service”.

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