EU Referendum: what it means for UK organisations’ customer service

24th Jun 2016

As the British electorate contemplates a future outside the European Union, a report from the Institute of Customer Service reveals how service levels in UK organisations compare to their European counterparts.  

Called ‘A European Customer Satisfaction Index’, the report outlines how the UK’s customer service capabilities can impact economic growth and skills development.

“None of us can accurately predict how the UK’s future will now unfold or what the long-term implications are for UK plc.  However, it is true to say that the UK’s service capabilities have the potential to inject huge benefits for the economy in terms of attracting investment, encouraging tourism and winning business in international markets,” says the Institute’s chief executive, Jo Causon.

The report shows that the UK leads Europe in terms of customer service. With an average customer satisfaction rating of 76.1 (out of 100) customer service in the UK is the highest in Europe compared to Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Netherlands and Sweden in six industry sectors.

“The UK’s position as a market leader for customer satisfaction suggests it is well placed to compete globally” adds Causon. “Above all, the UK’s strengths and competences in services need to be given due weight in the context of the EU referendum, but also in the future policy-making agenda for skills, competitiveness and growth.”


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