European Commission verdict on Three takeover puts customers first

11th May 2016

Regarding the news that the European Commission has blocked Three’s takeover of O2, Mike Petrook, Director of Policy at the Institute of Customer Service, commented:

“The European Commission’s recent decision to block Three’s takeover of O2 on the basis of customer choice and pricing has profound implications for the Telco industry.

“The Commission’s focus on preserving customer choice means that companies must strive to deliver excellent levels of service to retain customers, as the ruling ensures competition in the sector and flexibility for consumers. Now is a crucial time for the Telco industry to return to consumer opinion as its key yardstick for success.

“The ruling demonstrates the importance of considering the consumer as central to business decisions, and reminds the industry of the inextricable link between the success of a company and ongoing consideration of its customers.

“With the Telco industry ranked as the lowest in Europe when it comes to customer satisfaction (according to our latest EUCSI figures), this latest development is also a reminder that customers should be put at the forefront of all business decisions. In a relationship-led economy, organisations aspiring to anything less are placing long-term business performance and development at risk.”


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