Institute reaction to TalkTalk profit annoucement after cyber attack

12th May 2016

Response from Mike Petrook, Director of Policy at the Institute of Customer Service, regarding TalkTalk’s profit annoucement and insistence it has ‘bounced back’ from cyber attack fallout:

“The recent news that Talk Talk’s profits have halved following a cyber attack in late 2015 is a clear example of the impact that a loss of trust can have on customer satisfaction and the bottom line.  

"Our own research suggests that 1 in 5 consumers no longer have faith in companies that suffer data breaches. The fact is that customer loyalty and recommendation is not just determined by a positive experience, but by the promise of performance when things go wrong. That’s why the organisations who put the customer experience at the heart of how they prepare for – and respond to – cyber attacks will be the ones to attract and retain a loyal customer base.  

“A failure to be transparent or respond with speed can not only lead to immediate problems, but risks long term damage to the business.” 


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