Liverpool Football Club ticket price - reaction

11th Feb 2016

Responding to news that Liverpool Football Club have scrapped their £77 ticket and apologised to fans for the “distress caused” by last week’s pricing announcement, Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service, says: 

“Football fans will always remain loyal to their team but, as customers, their ‘satisfaction’ is often tested by success on the pitch and how Clubs relate to them off it.  By scrapping plans to raise the top price £77 ticket in their main stand at Anfield, Liverpool’s owners have demonstrated that they value the fan base, understand – and are prepared to respond to customer needs.  

“In a relationship-led economy, they are demonstrating that nothing can be taken for granted.  Of course, fans will remain loyal to their team, but the owners have been quick to recognise that the short-term benefit of a rise in ticket prices would be outweighed by long-term disaffection and fans potentially staying away from the ground as a result.  

“Loyalty goes a long way, especially when it comes to supporting your local club, but if customer needs are ignored it will only go so far.”


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