Reaction to call for lower energy bills

25th Jul 2015

Reacting to news that Amber Rudd has called for a reduction in household energy bills, Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, says:

"The news that Amber Rudd, the Energy Secretary, is calling for household energy bills to be reduced is encouraging. However, delivering excellent customer service is also an important strategy if the "Big Six" is looking to win back customers’ trust. While energy bills are part of this equation, organisations must be careful not to sacrifice service in order to reduce prices.“Our own analysis shows that the majority of customers prefer a balance between cost and service. Almost one fifth of customers of the utilities sector are the most likely to want lower costs overall, but they are in a minority compared to those who are happy to pay a premium for great customer service (21%) or find a balance between cost and service (61%).“It is worth noting that customer satisfaction scores are improving in the utilities sector. However, if attention is on short-term customer acquisition rather than a consistent and sustained focus on the whole customer experience we may see this trend reverse. To ensure this doesn’t happen, organisations must focus less on transactions and more on building relationships with their customers.”


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