Reaction to news that Tesco is cutting 1,700 jobs

23rd Jan 2018

Responding to news that Tesco is axing 1,700 jobs, Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, says:

“In the world we’re living in there is increasing pressure on organisations to reduce costs and raise revenue, but it is disappointing to see that customer service roles will be at the forefront of the latest cuts.

“The UK continues to see evidence of a high proportion of customers valuing – and being prepared to pay more for - premium service and experiences. However, customers are becoming much more demanding of the experiences and value they receive from organisations and we have reached the point where concentrating on the hygiene factors of customer experience, crucial as they are, is not enough.

“Our own research demonstrates that consistently achieving higher levels of satisfaction than competitors and peers is linked to stronger turnover growth, profit and employee productivity. It means that leaders and Boards have a responsibility to meet short-term business needs, yet also ensure their organisation is able to meet customer needs in the future.”


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