Response to NAO report: putting things right when they go wrong

25th Jul 2015

Responding to news from the National Audit Office that over 10 million people faced problems when using public services in the UK last year, Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service says:

“We are in the midst of a critical period of change for public services. The general public are more demanding than ever, with their expectations for rapid results and speedy service fueled by the digital world. As citizens, they have a right to access certain services and they have a right to expect high levels of support. “At the same time organisations in the public sector are facing difficult choices about how to maintain high levels of service against a backdrop of impending budget cuts. But less funding is no excuse for less service – organisations within the sector need to harness technology, share data and ensure their staff have the right aptitude and attitude to deliver because if they don’t the chances are that organisations will be penalised further when they fail to deliver.”

Causon’s comments come in the wake of research from the National Audit Office which suggest that almost half the users of public services do not complain when things go wrong, with many suggesting it is because they think it’s not worth the effort.The NAO’s findings also follow research from the Institute of Customer Service which revealed that customer satisfaction around public services improves if issues are dealt with online. Where complaints were handled via websites, for example, satisfaction levels scored 77 out of 100 in the Institute’s Index). Results were much lower if customers used phones or wrote letters (both 63 out of 100).


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