The Queen's Speech: Apprenticeships need to contain a customer service element

27th Jul 2015

Jo Causon, CEO of The Institute of Customer Service, reacts to the announcement that 2 million jobs and 3 million apprenticeships will be created through the Full Employment and Welfare Benefits Bill.

Causon comments:

“It is encouraging that the proposed legislation will make current and future Governments accountable, on an annual basis, for job creation and apprenticeships. Yet with 78 percent of UK GDP generated by the service sector and around 3 in 4 jobs involving direct contact with customers, employee skills must be developed to the next level. The three Rs will always be important, but in an economy dominated by relationships a sustained focus on the customer experience is essential to growing the overall UK economy.”

Causon also comments in response to proposals to increase the health budget, integrate health and social care, and ensure the National Health Service works on a seven day basis. She says:

“A ’seven day NHS’ may offer more choice and convenience, but the risk is that NHS staff might be overburdened and make mistakes as a result of fatigue. Yet, given the clear links between patient service and healthcare outcomes, the announcement of the government’s pledge to recruit 5,000 more GPs is a step in the right direction. By increasing the health budget and integrating health and social care, there is potential for the NHS to provide a more complete and joined up service, meaning that patients’ needs will be better served.”


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