Customer priorities are changing and their expectations continue to grow.  For any organisation focused on delivering excellent customer service this means constantly seeking new ways to anticipate demand and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

By joining more than 500 private, public and voluntary sector organisations your customers, employees and partners will clearly see, and value, your sustained commitment to customer service.  They will recognise your determination to raise service standards, engage employees and create the ultimate customer experience - something your organisation can achieve through a the creation of a strategic framework, insight and practical tools enabling you to boost business performance.  Membership is also available for national, international and regional organisations of all sectors and size and to individuals.  Click here to find out which membership suits you.

Discovery Roadmap

Customer service focused organisations understand the importance of providing consistently excellent engagement at every point of a customer's journey.  But for some, the road map is unclear.  There may be too many directions of travel to choose from or the route to business success may have obstacles ahead.  If this sounds familiar, the Institute can help you develop a comprehensive customer service road map to ensure you meet your customers' needs.

What can the Institute do?
With the support of a dedicated Client Relationship Director, who will take the time to understand your organisation's specific strategic objectives, we can help you create a strategic plan that meets ongoing customer needs and deliver business results.

What will you get?
As a member you will receive a blend of insight and knowledge about the latest customer service issues, that is relevant to your needs.  You will have access to tools, training and practical solutions that will raise standards across your organisation.  You will also be able to benchmark progress against competitors, network with like-minded peers and secure accreditation as you strive to improve your customer service standards.

Full details of the Discovery Roadmap member benefits can be seen here.

Trusted Advisory Network

You may have the building blocks for effective customer service in place.  Yet, for some larger organisations particular challenges have to be met to ensure a customer service ethos is embedded throughout the business.  There may also be fast moving market conditions or circumstances that require rapid adaptation and a more in-depth approach.  If this sounds familiar, the Institute can help you work across organisational boundaries to align activities with the strategic priorities of the Boardroom and help you create a compelling, competitive, advantage.

What can the Institute do? 
A Client Relationship Director, dedicated to you and your organisation, will help link the business's strategic goals to your customers' expectations, ensuring that every part of the organisation understands what it has to deliver - and how - to build loyalty and recommendation. 

What will you get?
As a member you will have access to benchmarking tools that offer deep understanding of your employees and customers engagement levels.  You will have access to people development tools providing qualifications or short-courses and you will benefit from a series of workshops and C-suite level networking events that will help you learn from your peers.  Your membership also offers the opportunity to accredit your commitment to customer service and the opportunity to distinguish your serviced offering from the competition.

Full details of the Trusted Advisory Network member benefits can be seen here.


Unlock your potential with Individual Membership

Becoming an Individual Member of The Institute of Customer Service demonstrates a commitment to your career. As an individual member you access to an array of benefits that will make you a better customer service professional, and increase your visibility within your organisation. Click here to download a brochure with details of what Individual Membership can offer you, or complete the application form to join now. To renew an existing membership click here

Benefits to youBenefits to your organisation
  • Show your dedication and commitment to customer service
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) allows you to build upon your skills
  • Gain access to breakthrough research and up to date reports*
  • Keep up to date with membership and industry news*
  • Opportunity to attend The Institute‚Äôs AGM*
  • Save with discounts for events and publications
  • Increase your professional visibility with designatory letters which reflect your knowledge and abilities

*Benefits depend of level of membership through The Institute of Customer Service

    • Increase employee engagement by encouraging personal and professional development
    • Skilled team members will be able to improve customer experience
    • Improve the quality and effectiveness of customer service through increased knowledge
    • Develop a team of committed customer service professionals

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