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Julia Bloomer DL is currently Head of Learning & Development and HR at AESSEAL plc, a world leading specialist in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals and support systems.

Julia previously was Group Customer Services Director at ALcontrol Laboratories, Europe’s leading independent food and waters laboratory services provider. Completing millions of tests each year, ALcontrol’s UK Food and Waters Laboratories, based at five strategic locations from Scotland down to Devon, are contracted to check food and water to ensure that they are safe for public consumption, particularly searching for potentially life threatening bugs such as Listeria, Legionella, Salmonella, Campylobacter and E.coli. Customers range from major retailers, food and drinks manufacturers, hospitals, caterers, wholesalers, restaurants, food outlets, water engineers and consultants.

Julia began her journey working with the Institute whilst Managing Director of BRC, the UK’s largest steel reinforcement company. After over 25 years in the construction sector, in 2012, and after winning Yorkshire Business Woman of the Year and completing her Executive Coaching & Mentoring qualification, she made the bold move to focus on the area in which she truly believed – that of customer service and staff engagement – in a completely new industry of commercial food and waters testing at ALcontrol.

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