UKCSI: The state of customer satisfaction in the UK - July 2015

UKCSI (UK Customer Satisfaction Index) is the national measure of customer satisfaction. It is based on a six-monthly online survey of consumers which is demographically representative of the UK population.

The July 2015 UKCSI includes 39,000 responses from over 10,000 individual customers.

UKCSI: The state of customer satisfaction in the UK - July 2015

Last updated: November 2016

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The latest UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI), which surveys over 10,000 customers, reveals that satisfaction has continued to fall to its lowest level since, a major concern for organisations as the economy begins to grow.

Customer Satisfaction has dropped to its lowest level since 2010John Lewis and Amazon come out on top for delivering high levels of customer satisfaction in 2015

Analysis of 39,000 individual customer experiences reveals true state of customer satisfaction in the UK

Four of the big six energy providers improve on track record as some sectors fare better than others in the report from the Institute of Customer Service

Jo Causon, CEO of the Institute of Customer Service, commented:“Many organisations are struggling to keep pace with a business environment that has undergone rapid change in recent months. Some brands are improving customer satisfaction by operating in an agile and innovative way, but overall it is clear that a new approach is required for this new environment. Businesses need to take a look at the experience they are delivering to customers and identify how it can be improved.”