Full Report - Return on investment in customer service: the bottom line report [2011]

Our research into evidence of the financial returns from customer service.

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Our research into evidence of the financial returns from customer service. It comprises a survey of senior directors, a literature review, case studies, an executive summary and a series of recommendations that can be used to start achieving ROI from customer service. (Published 2011). £500 for non-members, £400 for members.

Sponsored by O2, South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and BT. Published 2011.

A free electronic copy of the executive summary is included with the purchase of this report (a download link will be included in your order confirmation email).

This report examines:

  • the activities that lead to a customer service ROI
  • the relationships between customers and organisations that lead to ROI
  • how organisations are beginning to measure intangible aspects of customer service such as loyalty, experience and sentiment
  • how the more intangible aspects of customer service bring the greater returns
  • how ROI in customer service is a developing discipline

It also contains a set of detailed recommendations that organisations can use to achieve a good ROI from their customer service activities.

Main findings

  • customer service contributes to the success of organisations
  • strong customer relationships are the key to success and profitability
  • front–line staff play a critical role in forging close customer relationships
  • customer satisfaction is a reliable indicator of business performance
  • soft, relational dimensions of customer service are increasingly important but difficult to measure
  • ROI in customer service is a developing discipline

Who is it for?

Anyone who is:

  • making a case for customer service as a strategic driver
  • finding ways of achieving some form of return on investment in customer service
  • measuring customer satisfaction, sentiment and other more intangible customer measurements
  • measuring return on investment

What people are saying

  • “Ace document with some excellent customer service models!” Dave Christophers
  • “How refreshing to read substantial, independently verified, research that endorses the longer term business benefits of trust, advocacy and an emotional connection.” Martin Howe
  • “I am delighted to see the value placed on the interaction between frontline customer service employees and customers by the repondents in the new report.” Amanda Callen