UKCSI Insurance Sector Report - January 2020

A national measure of customer satisfaction in the Insurance sector, based on over 25 measures of the customer experience across 25 organisations

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UKCSI Insurance Sector Report - January 2020

Drawing its data from 3,000 individual customer experiences, the latest UKCSI Insurance Sector Report provides you with a strategic overview of the sector’s performance in the UK as a whole and for individual organisations within the sector.

Last updated: January 2020

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The UKCSI provides an objective, independent perspective of the state of customer satisfaction in the UK, enabling organisations to assess their performance compared to others in their sector, and with some of the UK’s leading service organisations across a range of sectors.

The questions in the UKCSI are based on customers’ priorities – the attributes of customer experience with organisations that are rated as most important by customers. The Institute conducted recent research into customers’ priorities to ensure that the UKCSI remains a relevant and essential benchmark. The output of this research is new insight into both customers’ stated priorities, as well as “softer” factors which may not necessarily have a high stated importance, but nevertheless show a strong relationship with customer satisfaction.

25 Insurance organisations feature in the January 2020 UKCSI.

As well as reporting an overall index score based on customers’ responses across the full range of measures, this report includes index scores for five distinct dimensions of the customer experience: Experience, Complaints, Customer Ethos, Emotional Connection and Ethics.