UKCSI Leisure Sector Report - January 2017

A national measure of customer satisfaction in the Leisure sector. It measures over 30 measures of the customer experience in 23 organisations.

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UKCSI Leisure Sector Report - January 2017

Drawing its data from 3,000 individual customer experiences, the latest UKCSI Leisure Sector Report provides you with a strategic overview of the sector’s performance in the UK as a whole and for individual organisations within the sector.

Last updated: July 2017

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The latest UKCSI shows that the Leisure sector continues to perform above the UK average but the gap has closed. Satisfaction is higher among customers who used the organisation on most days compared to those who had used an organisation only once. 

Apart from the Retail (Food and Non-food) sectors, Leisure has the highest proportion of customers who say their most recent experience was right first time. Nevertheless the proportion of problems and complaints in the Leisure sector is slightly more than last year.

8 of the 23 leisure sector organisations have improved by one point or more since January 2016. Local restaurants/takeaways collectively is still the best performer in the sector followed by Greggs. Meanwhile Starbucks has seen the largest improvement in the sector.

In addition, the report examines the attributes of the customer experience most important to customers in the sector and how this compares to customer satisfaction for these measures. It contains benchmarking of sector and national results on key complaints measures, evaluates channel usage and satisfaction, explains the importance of organisations getting it right first time, and analyses overall customer satisfaction against reputation, customer effort, trust, loyalty and NPS.

The report also gives an indication about what organisations in the sector should do to improve their customers’ experience.