UKCSI: The state of customer satisfaction in the UK - July 2017

UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) is a national measure of customer satisfaction. It measures over 30 measures of the customer experience in 13 sectors for over 200 organisations.

UKCSI: The state of customer satisfaction in the UK - July 2017

Drawing its data from 43,500 individual customer experiences, the latest UKCSI provides you with a strategic overview of the UK as a whole.

Last updated: January 2018

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Customer satisfaction is now, along with January 2013, at its highest point ever, this improvement driven largely by better complaint handling. But more customers are experiencing problems, customer effort has continued to rise and more customers are escalating complaints. Apart from complaint handling, customer service performance has not really progressed since 2013.

Consumer confidence and spending have proved remarkably resilient in the last year. Yet the prospect of inflation rising faster than incomes, coupled with the increase in unsecured personal borrowing, may change customers’ priorities and lead to more exacting demands on price and service.

Joanna Causon, Chief Executive

The latest UKCSI shows that customer satisfaction has risen to 78.2 and there is a wide variation of satisfaction across different types of customers, sectors and organisations. This is the fifth consecutive growth in customer satisfaction, which is at its highest point since January 2013. All 13 sectors have improved except for Insurance, which has fallen.

Customers who express a preference for excellent service at a higher price, tend to have higher satisfaction than those whose preference is for no frills services and low prices. is the top rated organisation. Also featuring among the top ten rated organisations are first direct, John Lewis,, Subway, Next, Aldi and Greggs. The biggest differentiators between the top 50 organisations and the other 195 organisations in the UKCSI are concerned with complaint handling and over the phone experiences. However, the gap between the top 50 and the rest has narrowed.

The report also identifies implications and opportunities for organisations to improve.

The Institute of Customer Service has been compiling the UKCSI for nine years; our purpose is to help organisations improve their customer service and business performance. To provide you with further insight we also produce 13 individual sector specific reports, which offer a greater level of detailed insight and customer service trends for each sector and individual organisations within the sector.