Literature reviews

The Institute of Customer Service reviews provide an overview of the latest knowledge and methodology in customer service. Each review is focused on a specific subject area, with details of wider reading material.Institute members receive free copies of our literature reviews. Login before purchasing.

Customer motives

What drives customers to buy from particular providers? And how does this affect the choice of purchasing channel?

Customer experience

Literature reviews covering all areas of the customer experience from first engagement, to after sales and complaints

Technology & online purchasing

Learn more about the use of new and existing technologies in customer service environments

Customer service teams

Explore the recruitment, training and management of all levels of customer service staff

Customer service strategy

Examine all areas of customer service strategy, including the newest ideas to ensure you provide excellent service

Organisational culture

Discover how an organisation's culture and affect its customers as much as its staff

Consumer ethics

Consumers are increasingly ethically minded when making purchases. How does this affect your organisation?

Measuring customer service

Learn the best methods of collecting customer service data, and how best to use it


Globalisation is changing customer service standards. How can your business meet global expectations?

Customer expectations

Focus on outsourcing and how it affects the customer experience

Research library

Browse the latest research in our library

Our research library includes the latest UK CSI reports, Institute Research as well as leading whitepapers, literature reviews and other insight.

UK Customer Satisfaction Index

The national measure of customer satisfaction

The UK Customer Satisfaction Index gives a unique insight into the quality of customer service in your sector. So you can see who's leading the pack, and how you measure up

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