Data Protection and the Customer

3rd Aug 2017

The Institute watched the Queen’s Speech with interest this year as her Majesty announced a total of 27 Bills and draft bills to be implemented by Theresa May’s Conservative Government over the next two years.

Of particular interest to us was the Data Protection Bill which aims to modernise data processing procedures, deliver a right to be forgotten, ensure data protection rules are "suitable for the digital age" and implement the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

At heart, the reform of data protection rules is about giving citizens more control over their data and generating trust that those organisations that receive our personal data will be responsible with it.

The Institute believes that this trust factor is vital for both business and government in generating the benefits that come from application of data science—the ability to extract knowledge and insights from large and complex data sets. The ability to analyse this information and use it to manage operations and services efficiently can only happen if the public feels confident enough to hand the data over in the first place.

Our evidence shows that the better the interaction a customer has with an organisation the greater the levels of trust. We will be looking to show those policy-makers with an interest in the benefits that come from analysing public data that gathering it will be increasingly dependent on the public sector being transparent, straightforward, seamless and responsive in its interaction with citizens.

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