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Categories overview

  • Social media: The latest research on the use of social media in customer service strategy
  • Customer service strategy: Exploring all areas of customer service strategy with new ideas for providing excellent customer service
  • Research:The newest research affecting customer service strategy and the customer experience
  • Technology: White papers covering the use of new and existing technologies in customer service environments
  • Future trends: How is customer service changing? What areas does your customer service strategy need to focus on for the future?
  • Brand: How to protect, define and promote your brand. Looking at both traditional and emerging mediums
  • Customer service teams: Looking at recruiting, training and managing all levels of staff involved in your customer service operation
  • Customer engagement: What are the best ways to engage with new and potential customers? And how do you measure success?
  • Customer retention: Explore ideas on how to keep your customers engaged and happy with your organisation and services
  • Improving customer experiences: Find out more about how you can make the service you offer better for your customers, rebuild trust and continually improve services 
  • e-Learning & online services: How has technology changed the way we learn, interact and purchase both on and offline?
  • Measuring customer services: Explore the best methods of collecting customer service data and how best to use the results

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UK Customer Satisfaction Index

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The UK Customer Satisfaction Index gives a unique insight into the quality of customer service in your sector. So you can see who's leading the pack, and how you measure up.

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