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Keeping the customer relationship going and increasing lifetime value

Organisations need to be consistent in their approach to how they communicate internally so that they can reach customer touch-points across the entire business. This will help ensure colleagues and front-line staff are best placed to continue to deliver services, as well as any changes to services, thereby maintaining a strong and positive relationship with customers.
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Looking after the health and safety of your employees who cannot work from home

Throughout the COVID-19 epidemic, some employees are required to attend their workplace or travel to perform their role. Often they are delivering essential services that are essential customers and society as a whole. We have drawn on a range of global sources and The Institute’s research to provide an overview and guidance to help keep your employees safe in a range of working environments.
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Top tips for maintaining great service in challenging times

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many traditional ways of working are no longer viable. A new normal is being established - and we are all grappling with the challenges and opportunities it presents. We reached out to our network of Vice Presidents - business leaders from across the UK in a range of sectors for their top tips on maintaining great service through these challenging times.
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Remote working in a customer service context: top tips

For some employees, remote working or working from home is established practice. But for many employees in service organisations, it’s an unfamiliar experience and means quickly adjusting to new ways of communicating and collaborating with customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers. Whether your role involves dealing directly with customers or suppliers; designing customer experience; leading and managing teams, we’ve set out some essential tips which will help.
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Top tips to serve your vulnerable customers better

Vulnerable customers can go unnoticed by organisations - if you’re not looking for the signs, you might easily miss them. It is important to assume that, potentially, all customers are vulnerable – there is no such thing as the ‘ideal’ customer. The CARE framework, for example, will help you to identify if a customer is vulnerable. Here are just some of the things you need to watch out for when you’re communicating with a customer:
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