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Industry-leading independent research on topics of vital interest for CEOs, customer experience leaders and professionals

We publish an independent, expert perspective, providing thought leadership, insights and advice to help organisations adapt to the changes customer landscape and improve their performance.

Breakthrough Research

Our latest Breakthrough Research analyses the evolution of customer behaviours and the implications for organisations. The research reaffirms the importance of proactive communication, empathy, accountability for problems and complaints and consistency of experiences across channels.

We give a distinct customer experience emphasis to each topic, with practical recommendations that customer experience leaders can use in their organisations. Breakthrough research is funded through sponsorship by member organisations. If you would like to know more about sponsorship please contact us.

Research Hub

This pan-sector research examines how customer expectations and behaviours have changed in the last two years, how they will evolve, and how organisations should respond.

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Research Hub

Member organisations can access Breakthrough Research for free. Discounts apply for Individual members.

Looking for UKCSI reports?

The UKCSI provides a unique way of tracking and comparing customer satisfaction performance across the UK economy.

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