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Make your organisation stand out with an independent accreditation recognising your commitment to excellent customer service.

What is ServiceMark?

ServiceMark is a national standard, independently recognising an organisation’s commitment to customer service and to upholding high standards as part of a long-term embedded strategy.

The ServiceMark accreditation is awarded based on both customer satisfaction and employee engagement, helping your organisation understand the effectiveness of its customer service strategy from multiple touchpoints and identify areas for improvement.

Undergoing ServiceMark accreditation is an opportunity for organisations – of all sizes and sectors – to demonstrate the high quality of their customer service both internally and externally.

ServiceMark is available exclusively to members of The Institute of Customer Service.

National benchmark
Commitment to customer service
Business performance improvement
Straightforward accreditation process
Independent recognition
Improved employee engagement
Meaningful customer insights
Actionable feedback
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ServiceMark accreditation holders include:
1st Central Logo
Bristol Water
What our ServiceMark holders say:

“I would recommend that any organisation looks into joining a partnership with the Institute of Customer Service, because I think it’s a really valuable experience and a really valuable organisation.”

– General Medical Council –

“Working towards ServiceMark has been beneficial on so many levels, including a positive impact on employee engagement. It really is at the heart of our culture.”

– Covea Insurance –

“It’s so rewarding and that we can promote this and then keep reminding ourselves that we are delivering the best service that we can and that’s off the back of the training that we’ve had with the Institute and the support and the information that we’ve got from them.”

– Wickes –
Benefits to your organisation include:

ServiceMark benefits organisations of all sizes across any industry that is customer or client facing.

Demonstrate your commitment to customer service to customers, employees, and wider stakeholders with independent recognition.
Engage employees in your customer service strategy and journey to drive employee satisfaction and retention.
Support your strategy to improve business performance, customer retention, trust and loyalty.
Develop an action plan for continuous improvement, supported by The Institute of Customer Service.
Provide teams with a project to work together on to support your service culture.
Gain insights into your customer service strengths, as well as areas for development and improvement.
During the assessment, the Institute’s assessor will identify areas for improvement, which feeds into a long term plan.
Top facts:
Members of staff surveyed
Customers surveyed
Successful accreditations to date

Start your ServiceMark Journey

ServiceMark Journey

Business Benchmarking

Business Benchmarking is a measurement of customer satisfaction that organisations can use to benchmark against national leaders in their sector and beyond.

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Frequently asked questions

The aim of the assessment is to ensure that service standards are being met holistically and consistently and that the quality and credibility of the standards are maintained.

The assessment is a mix of interviews, observations (where possible) and review of organisation’s internal documentations (policies, procedures, etc.)

Duration and scope of the assessment depends on the size and complexity of the organisation. As an example, for an organisation of 80 – 500 people, it would be 3-4 days.

Following the assessment, the assessor will share their findings in a report, which includes the organisation’s strengths and areas for improvement, with The Institute’s Director team, who will make the final decision about awarding the accreditation.

This depends on the size and complexity of the organisation.

As a guide, around 30-60 minutes per person. Although that may vary depending on that person’s level of involvement with the action plans.

Conversations with employees are done in a very informal manner and are largely led by your people. As a guide, the assessor is interested in employees’ honest view of the organisation’s performance, its Vision and Mission, strategy, customer service as well as their experiences of working for the organisation.

A random selection of people to capture a variety of experiences – job roles, length of service, internal moves, involvement in other projects and initiatives. As a guide, the split of non-manager/manager roles is around 80/20 – most people interviewed will be in non-managerial roles.

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