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Improve your customer service

As a member of The Institute, we will work with you to identify ways in which you can improve your customer experience. A critical friend, our aim is to provide a strategic framework, insight and practical tools to enable you to embed service throughout your organisation and enhance your business performance.

As experts, we will support you to align your strategy, culture, people and processes to improve productivity and generate sustainable value through service.

Membership Benefits

  • Become a member and join 400 leading companies and public bodies along with many individual members. Excellent customer service delivers proven results again and again
  • Encouraging customers to expect the best, and then delivering it, strengthens your reputation and results
  • Our research proves the link between customer satisfaction and higher revenue growth, EBITDA and revenue per employee. Our members see continuous positive step changes in their organisationā€™s motivation and performance, which is why they remain members, year after year


We have different membership programmes to suit different organisations and individual needs.

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