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We are the UK's independent professional customer service body

We exist to improve your business performance by improving your customer experience.

By working with business, the public sector and the Government, we are positioning the UK as world leaders in service – to build a strong economy.

What we stand for







We uphold the standards for our industry and drive progress. We want a world where excellent customer service is demanded, delivered and seen to make a positive impact on organisational performance and the wider economy.

What we do

In a big picture sense, we help our members focus on their purpose, relevance and impact:

Your Purpose

What is your purpose – and how aligned to it is your workforce? What will you do and what will you never do? How does this help you establish competitive advantage?

Your Relevance

Why are you relevant and who would miss you if you were not here? What would be the impact for the market and your customers if you didn’t exist?

The Impact

How are you measuring impact, and not just activity? How do you identify and focus on the lead measures to make right decisions?

Who we are

Who we are

We are headquartered in London with regional representatives based right across the UK to ensure we offer consistent service wherever you are located.

Our History

Shad Thames

Founded in 1996, and formally incorporated in February 1997, we help our members improve their customers’ experience and their own business performance.

For too long, customer service had been seen as an after-thought, part of after-sales activity. Instead, it is integral to the success and failure of organisations, and we are dedicated to increasing recognition of its importance. To support those working in service, we have created tools to assess organisational performance and identify key areas for improvement.

We have built a professional framework to help people gain and improve customer service skills. And we work hard to ensure customer service professionals get the recognition they deserve. If you believe in the importance of customer service as much as we do, get in touch and find out how becoming a member can raise your organisation’s standards.

Our charity work

Every two years, the Institute invites its staff to send in nominations for consideration to be our official charity. We look for a charity that demonstrates our vision, mission and values, and provides an opportunity for the Institute to support a specific cause.

Our Internal Communications Group assesses all nominations received, and all charities go through a process of due diligence. The group then shortlists three charities.

All employees of the Institute then have the opportunity to vote for one of the three charities, and the one with the largest number of votes will be selected as our charity for a 2-year period.

Our chosen charity this year

MIND is a mental health charity working across England & Wales, and the Institute’s chosen charity for 2023/24. Their mission is to provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

Mind’s values are at the heart of everything they do:

  • Open: They reach out to anyone who needs them
  • Together: They’re stronger in partnerships
  • Responsive: They listen, they act
  • Independent: They speak out fearlessly
  • Unstoppable: They never give up

How we are Inspiring a Service Nation

We’re calling on every organisation in the UK to help us with our campaign to Inspire a Service Nation.

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